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2022 Porsche Macan vs. 2022 Cadillac Escalade

The 2022 Porsche Macan is a family car that has all the high-quality materials that you want in a luxury ride. It is praised by those who have tried it because of its straightforward infotainment setup. These has powerful engines that make it even more lovable to adventurers out there.

For the 2022 Cadillac Escalade, the ride wins the hearts of larger families because it sits seven passengers. It also boasts of an expansive cargo space and an elegant cabin area

Design & Style

With two rows of seats that can comfortably sit up to five people of all shapes, sizes and ages, the 2022 edition for the Macan has been designed to meet expectations of buyers. It comes standard with leather upholstery and provides hip-hugging support in front to make every trip safer for passengers. The ride is also sleek yet modern, using all the best materials and having those soft-touch surfaces to have that well-designed cabin.

The 2022 Escalade is attractive on the outside, because of that modern, futuristic look. It sits seven people comfortably on all rows of seats, regardless of age and size. It uses no less than the best quality materials inside too, but even when it made that effort, the Macan still looks and feels better than that of the Cadillac.

Technology & Safety

Blessed to have that 10.9-inch touchscreen for its infotainment system, the 2022 Macan is a user-friendly ride in terms of technologies. The interface displays crisp graphics and easily responds to user inputs too. It integrates Apple CarPlay and features 10 speakers, four USB ports, and a Bluetooth interface. It has basically been given driver aids like the rearview camera, front and rear parking sensors, and lane departure warning, which can also be upgraded to include advanced driver aids.

One thing that will leave you in awe when you see the infotainment setup on the Escalade’s dashboard is its thrilling combination of three screens, measuring 38 inches all in all. The ride has the safety amenities that may also excite you. Among them are rain-sensing windshield wipers, rearview camera, front and rear parking sensors, and automatic high-beam headlights. Impressive as these features are, you may need some time getting used to the setup.


The 2022 Porsche Macan delivers power with engines whose results can reach anywhere from 248 horsepower to 434 horsepower in terms of results. The Escalade, on the other hand, may produce 420 horsepower in this aspect, but that result is not impressive once you notice some weird things going on the engine as you step on the brakes.

The Bottom Line

Great to look at on the outside, the 2022 Porsche Macan proves that there is more to a book than just its cover. Inside it, you will have the experience of a lifetime. It is really a better option over the 2022 Cadillac Escalade.

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