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2022 Porsche Macan vs. 2022 BMW X7

The 2022 BMW X7 is an extremely impressive sport utility vehicle with excellent powertrains, a quiet yet luxurious interior and quick acceleration. But is all this enough to beat the 2022 Porsche Macan, an exceptional SUV with a formidable engine, superb handling and an array of customization options?

Design & Style

The Porsche Macan is distinctive for its sporty design. It offers a maximum of fifty three cubic feet worth of cargo space and its seats will relax those fortunate enough to sit in them. A 3D lightbar can be seen in back and the vehicle looks best in either silver or black. It has cool looking blades along its flanks and passengers in the cabin will have access to high resolution touchscreens.

The BMW X7 is a 3 row SUV with a kidney style grille. The cabin is packed with state of the art technology and offers lots of room, with ambient lights and a steering wheel which is power adjustable. The exterior is polished with a frame that sits on twenty one inch wheels and it has multiple ride modes such as Sport and Comfort which allow drivers to modify its handling.

Technology & Safety

The BMW X7 comes with the latest driver assistance gear, which includes emergency automated brakes, frontal impact warnings, alerts for cross traffic in the rear, blind area monitoring and notifications when departing lanes. Amenities within the cabin include 12.3 inch displays, rotary knob, navigational system, panoramic sunroof, ventilated seats and a sound system with ten speakers.

The Porsche Macan is equipped with all the safety countermeasures found in the BMW, including impact avoidance, cruise control which is adaptive and emergency automated brakes. Luxuries within its cabin include powered and leather covered seats, Apple CarPlay, power lift gate, climate control and infotainment screens. Those who upgrade can also get air suspension.


Those that purchase the Porsche Macan Turbo will get a V6 engine which is capable of generating 434 horsepower, which enables it to accelerate from zero to sixty in around 4.3 seconds. The BMW X7 comes with an inline 6 cylinder engine that is turbocharged and capable of generating 335 horsepower, which is wedded to an automatic eight speed transmission.

The Bottom Line

While the BMW X7 is a respectable vehicle, it has a number of deficiencies. Those who’ve tested driven it have reported too much body roll when moving around corners, its cargo and cabin space are far too small for an SUV in its price range, and the powered seats in the rear are too slow, making the Porsche Macan the winner.

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