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2022 Porsche 911 Vs. 2022 Nissan GT-R

The 2022 Porsche 911 and the 2022 Nissan GT-R both have their pros and cons. But which of these sports cars offers more to drivers? Let’s take a look at the comparison of the 2022 Porsche 911 vs. the 2022 Nissan GT-R to help you make an informed choice and help you decide between these two vehicle models in 2022. We can discuss how much more fuel-efficient the 2022 Porsche 911 is than the Nissan GT-R and what features and specs they offer to help you reach your decision. Read on!

Design & Style

Both cars look fairly similar and have a futuristic style, but what’s unique about them is that they both use classic designs. The Porsche 911 has a retro feel with its design while using futuristic ideas, such as its door handles that retract into their doors to give it a smooth look. Because it doesn’t have any exterior dings or dents, we can tell it has been taken care of very well by previous owners. As for the Nissan GT-R, we can tell from our research that its design is mainly based on classic sports cars like Ferraris and other luxurious automobiles; even though it’s sleek and has large windows to see outside easier (and thus creating more drag); it still gives off an old school vibe.

 Technology & Safety

Both cars offer similar technology and safety features that most drivers want, such as automatic emergency braking and rearview cameras, making it easier to park and pull out of spaces. The GT-R offers a feature called Intelligent Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection (MROW) that allows drivers to see more than 180 degrees around their car when reversing or maneuvering in tight spaces without having to look over their shoulder. The 911 will be slightly outdated at launch because it doesn’t offer semi-autonomous driving assistance yet—but there are plans for an update within two years after launch so owners can have something similar to MROW.


The 2022 Porsche 911 has 2029 hp of power and 721 lb.-ft. Of torque with a combined MPG of 25 mpg (manual) / 22 mpg (automatic). The 2022 Nissan GT-R has 2039 hp of power and 674 lb.-ft. Of torque with a combined MPG of 21 mpg (automatic). Even though both cars are designed for performance, both cars perform exceptionally well at high speeds while maintaining better than average fuel economy, making them an ideal choice for high-performance sports car racing events.

 The Bottom Line

Although both vehicles are incredibly sophisticated, their designs look nothing alike. Of course, they serve different purposes and would appeal to different people based on their personal preferences. However, for those seeking performance above all else, there’s no comparison—the 2022 Porsche 911 is unrivaled in its field. The faster motor and superior handling can’t be beaten!

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