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2021 Porsche 718 Boxster vs. 2022 Audi TT

The Porsche 718 Boxster 2021 takes first place in majority of online rankings, primarily thanks to its outstanding performance and elegant, traveler-friendly interior. It smoothly takes turns and bends with ease and accelerates adeptly for an enjoyable driving ride. Come explore what other features this luxury sports car has to offer. View our write-up below where we compare it with the Audi TT for the year 2022.

Design & Style

The Porsche 718 Boxster can seat up to two people in standard sports seats, providing strong support and comfort. They are also very well-padded, perfect for long trips and vigorous turns. The interior of the Boxster meets high expectations with a luxurious interior worthy of a luxury vehicle. Its interior is well-crafted, solid and very stylish.

The Audi TT is rather lacking of space but its cabin looks stylish and modern. Plenty of soft materials are used for its surfaces for a solid, posh feel. The car can support up to four people on comfy front row seats that are well-bolstered. Leg and headroom are also adequate but its back row is as good as unavailable. The seats are narrow and are not suitable even for children.

Technology & Safety

The 718 Boxster features a number of tech features including a pair of USB ports, Bluetooth, 8 speakers, Apple CarPlay, satellite radio, and a 7-inch display with touchscreen. Safety features of the car include a rearview camera, adaptive headlamps, and both front and rear parking sensors.

The Audi TT is packed with several technological advances such as wireless charging dock, 2 USB ports, Bluetooth, 12 speakers, HD radio, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, navigation, and a 12.3 inch digital cluster. The car also offers safety tools like blind spot monitor, parking sensors, and a rearview camera.


The Porsche Boxster is set to put out 300 hp and 280 lbft of torque delivered by a standard turbo engine. Its gas mileage can fetch 21 mpg / 27 mpg for city / highway travels.

The Audi TT can put out 228 hp from its base 2L turbo engine that has a fuel economy rating of 23 mpg and 30 mpg for city and highway.

The Bottom Line

The 718 Boxster is a highly comfortable car that looks luxurious inside. Its cabin defines the meaning of its vehicle class whereas its engine performance exceeds expectations. It navigates through corners and turns smoothly and travelers can anticipate an enjoyable driving experience each time. The car is priced at highly competitive pricing which is a great value in view of the full package of style, comfort, and power that the car offers.

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