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2018 Porsche 911 GT2 vs. 2018 Rolls Royce Ghost

The Porsche 911 Turbo GT2 has been king of the streets for years, with the 2018 edition showcasing even greater performance, a wider range of powertrains and updated interior. But it faces a true rival in the Rolls Royce Ghost Series II, a car that comes with a staggering price tag but equally staggering performance. Which of these two cars is superior?

Design & Style

The Rolls Royce Ghost was designed for royalty and heads of state. Dozens of craftsmen spend over 400 hours building the finish by hand, and buyers can choose whatever trim or color they want. The car has a rectangular outline with LED lights that are adaptive, a repositioned grille, and an interior which rivals a five-star resort. Design wise, the Porsche 911 GT2 is quite similar to previous editions. The taillights in the back have been modified a bit, and horizontal elements have been incorporated which makes the car appear wider. Whereas the Rolls Royce Ghost opts for a regal, rectangular shape, the Porsche 911 sticks to the sporty outline that it has become known for.

Technology & Safety

The Porsche 911 GT2 is well equipped with many safety features. Aside from standard airbags for passengers and drivers, it also has strengthened doors designed to protect from side collisions. It offers countermeasures in the event of rollovers, and in the interior, comforts such as touchscreens which are 6.5 inches, an audio system with eight speakers, seats that can be power adjusted, Apple Carplay and Alcantara upholstery. The Rolls Royce Ghost II is packed with many of the same safety features as the 911 GT2. It has reinforced construction, with airbags designed to protect from the front, side and rear collisions. Its electronic systems have been updated, and within the interior passengers can expect all sorts of comforts too numerous to mention.


Although the Rolls Royce Ghost II seats between 4 and 5 passengers, this has not impacted its performance. It uses a DOHC, intercooled, V12 engine with 48 valves that is twin turbocharged and capable of producing 563 horsepower with 575 pounds of torque. It can reach a max speed of 155 miles per hour and can accelerate from zero to sixty in 4.7 seconds. The 911 GT2 is the most powerful variant offered by Porsche and is really designed for the race circuit. It has a flat 6, 3.8-liter engine that can allow it to go from zero to sixty in less than 4 seconds, producing over 580 horsepower while doing it.

The Bottom Line

Both of these cars are fast, luxurious and expensive. But the Rolls Royce is truly over the top price wise, with a starting price that is three times higher than the Porsche 911, which itself is outside the price range of most people. Throw in the fact that the Rolls Royce doesn’t do much more than the Porsche aside from holding two extra passengers and the 911 GT2 is the winner.

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